Poem To Wholesale Windows

First came Graham to sell us our dream,
We yet had to meet the rest of the team,
Graham was off on his hols for some fun,
But left us in the capable hands of his son.

Graham, quite suntanned, arrived at our door,
With briefcase in hand, to start work once more,
You've Doors, and you've Windows, Conservatory planned,
What am I doing here, I don't understand.

Peter-Surveyor was next to arrive,
Excuse me but is this man still alive?
A laid back appearance but gave us no doubt,
He is capable, smart, but let's not hang about!

Then came the 'Brickies', Craig 'Badger' and 'Guiness'
Which horse would be first past the finish?
Foundations were laid and walls built so high,
Would we ever again have a glimpse of the sky?

Fitters Dave and Paul, the last wheels in the cogs,
Arrived promptly each morning, maybe the dogs
had Dave from his bed quite early for walks,
And Paul such a quiet lad, not given to talks.....

They soon had the sides up, and lastly it's hat,
The rain hadn't stopped, so thank goodness for that,
While Paul spoke of Ireland, I would just like to say,
We're glad you returned at the end of the day.

We would like to express our grateful thanks,
To Wholesale Windows and all of the ranks,
You are a great workforce and very well done,
For making our Conservatory a beautiful one.

Aileen and Rod Lloyd-March 2006