distinction composite doors - Wirral

Distinction Composite Doors

Our Distinction door range have stunning aesthetics such as an oak wood grain finish and a wide range of glass designs.

They have advanced security thanks to their rigid polymer sub-frames and their high density insulated core makes them exceptionally thermally efficient and completely protected from the elements. Plus, their windows come triple glazed for extra energy efficiency.

With over 30 door styles and 40 colours to choose from you can create a door that is bespoke, and tailor made for your home.

Peace of Mind

Distinction doors are exceptionally durable, low maintenance, have excellent weather proofing, superb sound insulation and most importantly fantastic security features. You can even opt for a door from their elite range of 70mm doors for extra reassurance with thicker, heavier doors as well as even better thermal efficiency.

Transform Your Home

Classical, Rustic Renown and Elegance are just some of the options of doors styles to give you an idea of the broad spectrum of choices you have when you buy a Distinction door. They come with a wide range of glazed glass options as well as smart additional features such as; enclosed mini-blinds and sidelights that run alongside your door to add extra finesse and extend the natural light into your home.