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Residence 9

Residence 9 – Traditional Styling

Residence 9, from the Residence Collection, was designed to authentically replicate 19th Century timber designs. What makes Wholesale Windows different when fitting this style is our unique patented timberweld technique. This technique creates a 90 degree joint effect perfect for an authentic wooden window look. Your Bromborough home will be enhanced with our Residence collection.

The Residence 9 collection delivers a traditional, elegant flush exterior combined with a stylish decorative interior, creating a classic aesthetic look for your property. Designed to replicate the flush timber designs found in heritage properties, if you have a heritage home and are looking to match that within windows then Residence 9 is for you. There will be something for your Bromborough home. 

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a shot of a Residence 9 window in Irish Oak
Residence 7 Wholesale Windows
Residence 7

Residence 7 – Modern Living

Residence 7 has been designed to embrace multiple manufacturing techniques. Additionally, you can create an individual design statement for your Bromborough home with a range of luxury colour finishes and hardware options.

Each window has been carefully created with you in mind. Therefore, allowing you to replace your current windows and doors with a more efficient, secure and attractive system. Residence 7 windows are a great choice for you Bromborough home if you want these features. 

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Residence 2

Residence² Clean & Modern

Think Residence 9 but with a more contemporary edge. Residence² offers a modern twist on traditional timber windows with a flush external and stylish internal square detailing.

Furthermore, with nine energy efficient internal chambers. Residence² pushes the boundaries of thermal performance even further with U-values as low as 0.8W/m2K. Your Bromborough home will remain at a comfortable temperature with our residence collection.

Additionally, Residence² is built to unquestionable market leading design standards. This effective and high-performance solution offers clean lines and advanced functionality.

Choose this Residence option to give your Bromborough home the high quality window it deserves.

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Timberweld-Residence Collection

We use the patented Timberweld® technique for the Residence Collection. This creates a 90 degree joint effect for the authentic wooden window look.

This seals the corners firmly without the need for screws. This gives the frames greater strength and durability throughout their lifetime so last much longer than standard mitre jointed windows.

Our Residence collection will keep your Bromborough home secure and fresh for years to come.

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